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An award or a plaque is always considered a blessing or an achievement in the contemporary world. In keeping with the ideology the revolutionizing and equally advancing technologies have presented many ways to present an award. Thus, awards come in the form of simple, cups, customized awards for different occasions, plaques, medals, certificates, ribbons and many more.

Making of an award comes in three different stages, selecting the perfect material, molding and finally engraving. Each of these stages add precise beauty and elegance with a hint of perfection to your award selection. Awards are presented in various fields for various reasons. Sports trophies Sydney are the most common type of awards heard by people of all age groups, in addition, corporate awards, celebrity awards, and movie awards, appreciation awards in various fields are commonly seen and heard too. It is important to have a brief understanding on how awards and plaques come off the making. It is convenient to obtain the knowledge under the brief three areas stated in advance.

Choosing the material

There are some cliché materials as well as uncommon and unheard types of material used in the making of awards. Gold awards are the most well-known and the come common among the list. In fact these are much expensive, pure gold awards cost a fortune therefore generally awards are plated in gold. In addition to gold, silver, bronze, glass and wood are also seen. One of the most common types of plaques are the engraved brass plaques. These plaques are seen almost everywhere in abundance. The contemporary world has introduced plastic to be durable and stable enough to be the center structure in most cups. Therefore, most of the plating of expensive material is done upon the plastic structure, thus cutting cost and saving the natural materials for the future.


Awards such as cups are generally made in parts, that is to say moulds are prepared according to different parts such as base, body and various other parts such as handles and other ornamental attachments on the same. This too incorporates plastic and other alloys thus the process is complicated yet simple to the eyes of the manufacturers. Thus produced parts are carefully assembled into the masterpiece that is presented at the respective ceremony. The same procedure is followed for statuettes presented at the most popular Hollywood and Bollywood award ceremonies and other similar ceremonies.


The final touch up is in relation to the engravings and designs made on the awards. This is simply the simplest area of work in making awards yet this is the area which requires great amount of skill and precision. There are methods such as rotary, laser and hand engraving introduced in order to conduct these activities.

How To Make The Best Awards And Plaques For Your Ceremony?

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