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Jobs which are thrilling are generally considered dangerous, but in real there is a fine line between the two thrill is something which has a ratio of 80:20; 80% fun and thrill and 20% danger and chances of life threats. Believe it or not things are not thrilling when a person is on job, imagine a person handing from the top of the building with a rope, just to fit the glass window on 20th floor (from outside the building), scary right? Will this be called thrilling? For some it may sound thrilling but for the person practically doing it, this isn’t cool sometimes. We have seen that one person hanging from the rope and painting a high rise building fearless and with accuracy, wind is moving the body and the ropes, he/she has to avoid looking down and must do his/her job on time. Yes! The discussion is about how dependable that rope is? How beneficial that rope access is and how they do it?

First of all, there is always a support of another rope. This idea of rope access where creativity and mechanics blended together is not risky any more. The person is actually hung with two ropes one is called a working line on which the person slides down and moves up with the help of the ascender and a descender the other rope is called a backup line both attached to a separate fixture. Now the mechanism has changed and even if the working rope breaks; the person won’t fall from the building (backup rope would support him/her). As per the study conducted the job injury has reduced significantly after the introduction of a rope access and labor is 8 times less likely to fall from the top or get injured while working with the rope access and not on the aluminium towers, cradles or lifts.

Actually this spiderman (rope access) technique was first initiated in 90s and it was defined to resolve the issues related to working on unreachable spaces of the industrial area and to overcome the challenges on construction sites. Rope access does not only provide the access in difficult places but also is cost sufficient, (doesn’t sound trustable) but it’s far much safer than scaffolds and cradles. A labor/technician may reach anywhere or any side of the building and finish the task in one go, less fatigue and more mobility are two essentials of a rope access technique. Moreover, these days the designs of the building are so dynamic and unique that, machinery won’t solve the need of flexibility here. Human hand and skill must be there physically to do the job with accuracy. Preplanning and rescue plan both must be defined before practically hanging somebody from up there, insurance and thousand other precautionary measures are required in order to make labor a spiderman.

Spiderman Or A Labor…

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